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Welcome to Our Lake!

Brant Lake is located in the southeastern region of the Adirondack Mountains in New York State. The Brant Lake Association is made up of people that are interested in:

All members receive the foundation newsletter, The BrantLaker, to keep them informed of projects that the organization is involved in and the social events planned for the summer season. For upcoming events, see our Event Calendar. Eurasian Milfoil

The foundation's primary focus is insuring the quality of the water of Brant Lake. Invasive species, salt, oil and antifreeze, roadway runoff, fuel and gasoline additives, and septic and fertilizer percolation are current or potential problems. Of particular emphasis at this time is the serious problem of the invasion of the lake by Eurasian Milfoil. To focus on solving this problem a seperate website has been created;, where you can find information on the fight we are waging against this menace.

To demonstrate your support for these issues, join the Brant Lake Association today!

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