Brant Lake Camp

Brant Lake Camp

Brant Lake Camp was conceived and founded by three physical education teachers from New York City who had been counselors at Camp Paradox when they decided to break away and start a boys sports camp of their own.

Three young men, Bob Gerstenzang (Karen Gerstenzang Meltzer's father), Jack Mal|oy and Joseph "Unc'' Eberly borrowed fron their families and began looking for a location for their new camp during the fall of 1916. In the course of their early scouting, they met Fred Parker, who rented horses and carriages in the town of Horicon. Fred helped the three men find a farm owned by Dave Barlett which was about 6 miles outside the hamlet of Brant Lake. Mr. Barlett agreed to sell them his land for $5,000 and then stayed on to work for the new camp until his death two years later.

By the summer of 1917, several tents had been erected on the property and Brant Lake Camp was up and running. That first summer it had enrolled 32 campers and then began to grow steadily until the Depression.

In the 1930s two of the partners sold their shares, with the camp eventually ending up in the ownership of the Gerstner-Gerstenzang family. It continues to be owned and operated by that family today, soon to be passed on to a forth generation.

Interestingly, in the 1940s the Point O' Pines camp served as a resort for the camp parents.

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