The Palisades Hotel

Palisades Hotel

The Palisades Hotel, a three story summer boarding house with 41 rooms and 13 cottages, was built by Smith Barton, and opened in 1884 with a gala ball. The hotel catered primarily to people from New York City. In order to reach this beautiful resort, guests took the train from the City at 9 a.m. to Riverside (Riparius). There they were met by a stagecoach and dropped off at the hotel at 7:30 p.m., a full day's trip. In October, 1894, the hotel was destroyed by fire. In 1899 the hotel was rebuilt and sold at auction to Willam Owen for $2000. It burned a second time in 1907 as the result of a fire set by the owner of a competing boarding house across the lake. In 1923 the Palisades was sold to Clarence and Maude Bacon, who sold it in 1946 to John and Sally Raymond. The hotel was torn down in 1961. The fireplace, chimney and flooring at one end remain as part of one of the Raymond cottages today.

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