The Stickney Camp - The First Camp on Brant Lake

The Stickney Camp

In the late 1700's Moses Stickney purchased most of the land that is now known as Horicon for $.25 an acre, as well as water rights through out the region. The land was labeled "a dense wilderness"; exactly what Stickney wanted, since he hoped to make his fortune in lumbering.

Stickney built the first dams on the creek coming from Brant Lake, creating the first millpond. In 1813 Stickney and his son Frank were said to be the first loggers in the area to float logs down the Schroon River to the Hudson and on to the Glens Falls mills.

The camp was built in the 1820s. The camp, minus the left-most extension, still stands today as a private home, just south of the Point O'Pines property.