SUNY Oneonta Lake Management Program

We were accepted into the SUNY Oneonta Lake Management Program this fall. This is a 2 year program in which a graduate student earns their MS degree in Lake Management, with the output being a comprehensive Lake Management Plan. This is the key component of the our Strategic Plan.

Included will be a Bathymetric study of Brant Lake to define its structure, key elements, composition, geologic foundation/structure, chemical analysis, water flow which will help us determine our current and future risks of invasive species. Oxygen and fecal coliform testing will be included as well. Lake water quality testing is underway.

The graduate student assigned to our lake is AJ Reyes.

  1. Program Overview
  2. Our Graduate Student
  3. Year 1 Report
  4. The state of Brant Lake, & Brant Lake management plan