Dates When Ice Went Out
On Brant Lake, NY

YearIce Out YearIce Out YearIce Out YearIce Out YearIce Out
191127-Apr 19361-May 196123-Apr 19868-Apr 201120-Apr
191222-Apr 1937? 196223-Apr 198710-Apr 201221-Mar
19131-Apr 193813-Apr 196318-Apr 198812-Apr 201318-Apr
191429-Apr 19391-May 196418-Apr 198919-Apr 201421-Apr
191517-Apr 19401-May 196525-Apr 199019-Apr 201519-Apr
191625-Apr 1941? 196620-Apr 19919-Apr 201622-Mar
191721-Apr 1942? 196713-Apr 199223-Apr 201715-Apr
191822-Apr 194326-Apr 19688-Apr 199319-Apr 201828-Apr
1919? 1944? 196921-Apr 199426-Apr   
192022-Apr 194531-Mar 197027-Apr 19951-Apr   
192131-Mar 194629-Mar 19717-May 199610-Apr   
192217-Apr 194726-Apr 19725-May 199718-Apr   
192325-Apr 19488-Apr 197319-Apr 19989-Apr   
192417-Apr 19495-Apr 197422-Apr 199913-Apr   
192511-Apr 195026-Apr 197528-Apr 20008-Apr   
192613-Apr 195120-Apr 1976? 200127-Apr   
192722-Apr 195218-Apr 19775-Apr 20029-Apr   
192823-Apr 19532-Apr 197828-Apr 200323-Apr   
19299-Apr 195417-Apr 197923-Apr 200417-Apr   
193013-Apr 195519-Apr 198011-Apr 2005?   
1931? 19562-May 19813-Apr 20069-Apr   
193223-Apr 195718-Apr 198226-Apr 200724-Apr   
193321-Apr 195818-Apr 198313-Apr 200819-Apr   
193419-Apr 195913-Apr 198415-Apr 200912-Apr   
193523-Apr 196022-Apr 198514-Apr 201025-Mar   

Data for this table through 1997 courtesy of
Arlene Mayer and Bob Scripture, from the October 2000 BrantLaker.
Data after 1997 supplied by Bob Scripture.
Data after 2005 supplied by Dave King.
Data after 2011 supplied by Kathy Butler.
Data after 2013 supplied by Tommy Fisk III.

EarliestMar-21 2012
LatestMay-7 1971

Note: This data uses Bob Scripture’s definition of ice out as "The first day that a boat could be piloted through open water from the Pilgrims Camp bridge to the Palmer's bridge." This definition is admittedly arbitrary, but has the advantage of being unambiguous.

Here is the same data presented in a different format. Given the relatively small number a readings, there are anomalies in the chart, such as the strange fact that the ice has never gone out on April 16th. However, we can observe that approximately 50% of the ice-out dates occur between April 13th and April 23rd.

Ice-out Chart