Brant Lake
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The following photos of Brant Lake are just a few of a series taken by John Holland in August 2006, starting out at the boat launch before sunrise in his Hornbeck canoe and continuing up the lake into the morning.

As a boy, John spent summers tagging along with his Grandfather, P F Loope, the 4th person to become an Adirondack 46er. He and his grandfather hiked, fished and camped through-out the Adirondacks. John is now retired and lives in Queensbury, where he keeps busy with a variety of activities; including hiking, canoeing/kayaking, fishing, photography, biking, and cross country and downhill skiing. John has similarly photographed close to 30 lakes and ponds in the greater Adirondack area. John can be contacted at .

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Brant Lake 10

The south marsh

Brant Lake 22

Shultz's island

Brant Lake 54

Point O' Pines

Brant Lake 66

Sand Hill Mountain

Brant Lake 85

Barry House boathouse

Additionally, a collection of wonderful wallpaper photos by Carl Heilman, including a beautiful winter picture of Brant Lake, can be found here.